News Concerning Ceramic & Ferrite Magnet

1.  High-performance Ferrite Magnet Material Has Passed Test
It is reported by CCIN that Zigong Jiang Yang Magnet Co., Ltd has completed the research and development project of high-performance ferrite magnet materials (JC-Y4350) and the project has passed Sichuan Science and Technology Department¡¯s appraisal recently.
The researchers used cheap mill scale as raw material to produce high-performance ferrite magnet materials JC-Y4350. This technology leads the most advanced level in ferrite magnet producing and will improve the international competitive power of China made ferrite magnets and ferrite material products. The newly developed ferrite magnet can be widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, medical equipment, etc.

2.  Shangdong Dongjia Group and Toda Kogyo Co-producing Ferrite Magnets
It is reported by CCIN that Shangdong Dongjia Group and Japan¡¯s Toda Kogyo Co., Ltd. have reached a cooperation agreement to co-produce ferrite magnets recently. The project will make use of Dongjia Group¡¯s by-product ferrous sulfate and Toda Kogyo¡¯s sophisticated synthetic techniques to produce quality ferrite magnets; then use harmless processing technology to produce new products. The resource utilization level of Dongjia Group will be further improved when the project put into operation.
As we know, Toda Kogyo Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in cathode materials producing. They are expanding their market to mobile applications, automobile and large battery. They have developed multi-purpose lithium-ion battery cathode materials and achieved the types of goods complete serialization. At the same time, Toda Kogyo using nanotechnology developed high quality cathode materials which can control their composition, topography, particle size and surface. The products range including cobalt series, nickel series, manganese series, ternary system, iron series, titanium series and so on.

3.  FDK Will Build New Ferrite Magnet Plant for HEV, EV and Solar Power Generation Equipment
FDK Co. declared on March 28, 2011 that they will build a new plant in Yamaguchi prefecture to develop and manufacture ferrite magnets. According to the company, they will cooperate with their users to develop high-performance ferrite cores and transformers which are used in HEV (hybrid electric vehicle), EV (electric vehicle) and solar power generation equipments. Therefore, the new factory will be responsible for all costs from research & development to manufacturing.
The new plant is designed as the mother plant of ferrite magnet products; it is responsible for the entire process from the new material research and development to its mass production. FDK moved its ferrite magnets production to China production base in 2002; before this year, they applied the division system of research & develop and manufacturing all ferrite magnets and ferrite products in Japan.
The China new plant will be responsible for its ordinary ferrite magnets and transformers manufacturing in the future. The new plant is scheduled to start construction on August 1, 2011 and can start to manufacture ferrite magnets in April 2012. The production area of the new plant is about 2625 square meters.

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