Ferrite magnet, a kind of permanent magnet, is composed of barium or strontium. It is hard, brittle and possesses lower magnetic energy compared with other permanent magnets. However, it has excellent corrosion and demagnetization resistance properties and very competitive price, which make it quite popular and are still widely used today.

Ferrite magnet was developed in the early 1960s. It is developed as an alternative to the expensive metallic magnets at the beginning. Ferrite magnet can be manufactured by pressing, sintering, or injection molding. Magnets made by any of the process can be both anisotropic and isotropic. Anisotropic magnets must be magnetized in the direction of orientation which is determined by the manufacturing direction, while isotropic magnets can be magnetized in any direction.

Ferrite magnet retains steady magnetic force long after the external magnetic field disappeared, so it is widely used in applications like voltmeters, generators, telephone sets, loudspeakers, televisions and microwave devices to generate constant and steady magnetic field.

Widely used in toys, medical equipments, health massage equipments, magnetic separators, etc.

Widely used in receivers, speakers, VCDs, toys, wallet or purse buttons etc.

We can mass produce various shapes of ferrite magnets, including rectangular, disc, ring, segment and other customized shapes. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

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